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Why Small Businesses Should Utilize Microsoft Lync

In business, networking is king. The survival and success of any business depends upon the ability of the business to communicate clearly and frequently with those directly involved with its success. Customers, suppliers and partners are all crucial to success, … Continue reading

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From Reactive to Proactive: How GFI MAX RemoteManagement Helps One MSP

Launched in 1997 as an IT services provider, Syncretic Software has successfully changed — and grown — with the times. “We went from being a reactive network services company to a proactive MSP,” says co-founder and President Seth Rosenberg. “The … Continue reading

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A Privacy Tip for the Age of Smartphones

You should know that an image file contains more data than just the color of its pixels. Hidden within an image file is information known as metadata. Metadata can contain a wide variety of information, most of which is mundane, … Continue reading

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Important Security Update for Internet Explorer

A recently discovered vulnerability in all of the last five versions of Internet Explorer (IE 6 through IE 10) can be exploited to remotely gain administrator-level access to a victim’s computer. This vulnerability is a memory-related bug in Internet Explorer’s … Continue reading

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A Note for Users of Windows XP

Microsoft’s support policy ensures support for most prominent Microsoft products for ten years after their release. This means that, as of April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003. The loss of support for … Continue reading

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Geo-IP Filtering: A little-known layer of network defense

No business appreciates getting spam e-mails, but more harmful are network vulnerability probes and attacks. And while these can strike at a network from anywhere in the world, most small U.S. businesses rarely even make use of their Internet access … Continue reading

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Disaster Recovery (Doesn’t Have To Be A Disaster)

A few weeks ago, we witnessed an excellent demonstration of Syncretic’s Retriever™ Backup Disaster Recovery Service in the hands of our experienced networking team. During the weekend of January 13, a storm caused a power surge and outage for one … Continue reading

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Microsoft Outlook or Scroogled

As you may be aware, a new development has taken place in the growing rivalry between Microsoft and Google, in the form of a Microsoft ad campaign called Scroogled. With Google Apps having taken the lead in the growing area … Continue reading

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Your Two Best Friends: Dogs and Backups

Hard drive failure. Computer virus. Loss of data. Cringe-inducing events that you either have experienced or inevitably will experience first-hand. And without a sufficient backup solution in place, it’s an event that can have serious consquences for your business. So … Continue reading

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E-mail and the BCC

I’m sure you’ve seen it, and probably more than once – sitting in your inbox, an e-mail that is 99% To: or CC: and 1% actual message. It looks a bit unprofessional, and also raises some privacy concerns. Enter the … Continue reading

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