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Outsource Your IT Department

Syncretic is the IT Department for many businesses that cannot afford to have a full time person be responsible for the firms workstations, laptops, and networks. Our costs are generally one third or less of the cost of having a full-time network engineer.

You get the expertise of a team of IT professionals at an affordable price for your business. You are getting a Microsoft Certified resource, with years of experience in many different technologies, managing your network. You also get years of IT management, planning, and purchasing experience. At Syncretic, we are always looking to improve the experience you have with our company. We have a vested interest in keeping your network running smoothly.

You eliminate having to worry about information-loss from your company when your IT person leaves. You have a support TEAM instead of a support person. You get trained professionals without having to pay for their training, which these days is continuous. Lastly, we are always on the lookout for ways to keep your network and data secure, reduce your technology costs, improve your networks performance, and make sure we are following industry standard best practices.

Backup Your IT Department

Syncretic can augment your current IT staff. We have clients that use our services to manage, support, and assist their IT staff. We can assist on an “as-needed” basis to supplement your current staff. We act as a backup when in-house staff take time off or as a sounding board when they need to bounce ideas off someone. We have the resources you can rely upon in a pinch!

Relocation Support

Syncretic can help you with all aspects of your network and infrastructure relocation. We can plan your network move, help you to minimize your downtime, and make sure you have a smooth transition to your new location. We have helped many clients relocate and we know how to navigate the logistical complexities.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

Let Syncretic’s team of professionals help you complete your disaster recovery (“DR”) plan today! We know it is not your top priority to put a DR plan in place and that it is probably something that you keep putting off because you don’t know where to start. We can help you get your plan done quickly and correctly. We know what needs to be considered and know what questions to ask so the plan can be completed. We can also help you put in place the pieces to make the plan work, keep it up-to-date, and implement it in the event of a disaster.


Many companies don’t document their network and if they do, they don’t keep the information up-to-date. Syncretic takes care of documenting your network, keeping it up-to-date, and helping you put tools in place that make it easy to know what’s on your network.


Virus and Malware (Avoidance and Cleaning)

Viruses and Malware are presently the biggest challenge for computer users and network administrators. You probably feel that there are an endless number of ways for your network or computer to be infected and compromised. At Syncretic, we use best practices, user education, powerful software tools, hardware appliances, and round-the-clock monitoring to help you keep your network clean. There is no silver bullet for virus and malware prevention. It takes a proactive and complete “safe-computing” approach to thwart the threats that our there.

Email (Exchange, Linux, Hosted)

At Syncretic, we realize that one solution doesn’t fit everyone. That is why we assess the needs of your company, your employees, and help you find a cost effective electronic communications solution. We know how to help you look at the total cost of ownership and the pros and cons of your email alternatives. We have experience with Microsoft Exchange, SuSe, sendmail, Lotus Notes, and many hosted solutions. Email, in many cases, has become the life blood of a company. We understand the importance of having the right solution in place.

Spam Reduction

50 to 75 percent of SPAM comes from ordinary computers that have been compromised by malware. You can reduce SPAM in your inbox by making sure your computers are not infected by malware. Syncretic can help you find and select tools that will work with your mail provider or on your mail server that can identify SPAM and keep it out of your inbox. We understand how aggravating SPAM can be. We hate it too.

Email Archiving

There are a lot of reasons to consider Email Archiving – from auditing and legal related needs to protecting crucial information to regulatory requirements for financial firms. Archiving is something everyone needs to do with emails. Archiving emails also helps with your server or workstation’s performance. Archiving is something you realize you need after it is too late. Let our team help you find a archiving solution for your email today.

Backups (Local and Remote)

Backups are the single most important thing you can do on your network. Backups are the best insurance you can buy. There are four basic steps to doing backups right. 1-Make sure you are backing up what’s important. 2-Make sure you are backing up every night. 3-Make sure you are taking your backups offsite. 4-Test to make sure you can restore your backups. Remote backup solutions do most of the hard work for you. Syncretic can help you put a complete backup solution in place. We can also work with you to plan and implement a disaster recovery plan that will fit your organization.

Remote Access (Local and Remote Users)

Syncretic understands the work from anywhere paradigm. We can help you design a remote setup for just one user or for one hundred. There are items you need to take in to account when you consider remote access, including security, bandwidth, third party software configurations, and costs.

Multi-Site Connectivity (VPN)

Syncretic has worked with customers to help design and configure multi-site Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) connectivity. A VPN between offices provides for secure site-to-site data communications over the public Internet. This is a productive and cost effective way to securely share files, data, and emails between remote locations.


Most Internet providers don’t provide you with a capable Firewall when they provide you with service. Syncretic can help you assess your network security and suggest a Firewall that will help you keep your network secure. Firewalls can also help you monitor your network, filter content, and remove viruses before they can land on your network.

Mobile Device

Syncretic helps our clients get their phones connected to their information. Our clients like having their emails, calendars and, contacts on their phone synchronized with their office computers.


Syncretic offers our customers many avenues for support.

Help Desk

Our help desk, located in the United States, is staffed from 8AM – 6PM, Monday – Friday. Our support representatives are experienced with computers, networks, servers, firewalls, operating systems, Microsoft software, and many 3rd party software applications. We help our customers with issues ranging from simple questions relating to software use to systems-down emergencies and everything in between. Our goal is to diagnose the problem quickly, help you get your issue resolved, and minimize your loss of productivity.

Remote Support

In most cases, Syncretic is able to resolve your issue without ever leaving our desk. With our state-of-the-art Remote Assistance technology, we can instantly connect to your computer via an internet connection, and with your permission, see your screen. The software allows us to quickly connect to your machine and see exactly the problem you are having. We can also use the software to transfer files and allow you to see our screen if we need to demonstrate something for you.

On-Site Support

Syncretic dispatches experienced system technicians on-site to provide support for customers. We can schedule appointments or have a standing weekly schedule depending upon the client’s needs.

Monthly Maintenance

Syncretic completes a series of system health checks and event log evaluations for our customers to make sure there are no problems brewing. We also check to make sure that operating systems are up-to-date with patches, backups are working, anti-virus software is operating correctly, and many other maintenance checks. This proactive approach to systems maintenance has helped our clients avoid disasters by ensuring issues are addressed before they become disasters.

Network Monitoring

Syncretic monitors the status of critical systems on our customers’ networks in real time. We get alerts, which include information such as a piece of hardware has failed, a disk is running out of free space, backups have failed or some other resource has reached a certain threshold. Again, we are notified as soon as an issue occurs and in many cases can head off a real problem altogether.

Emergency Support

Syncretic puts our clients in a position, with all of our proactive services, to minimize emergencies. However, emergencies do happen and we are there to help you recover from them. We are available 24/7 to help you through the emergencies and get you back up and running.


Syncretic emphasizes the need for Proactive Maintenance, Event Monitoring, and a Best Practices approach with our customers.

Proactive Maintenance

We are notified about problems so we can solve them before an emergency happens and can most times avoid those emergencies, because we monitor our clients’ networks. A network emergency usually means loss of productivity, loss of data, extra costs, and down time. Emergencies can be minimized by having Syncretic perform monthly maintenance on your network. We check your server’s logs for errors which is usually the first indication that a problem may be brewing. We make sure your backups are completing properly and can be restored if needed. We look at your network and equipment for issues that may cause future problems. We make sure your network equipment and servers have been patched with the latest updates. We make sure your firewall and security software are also up-to-date. A few hours An hour or so each month is a small price to pay for peace of mind and stable network.

Event Monitoring

We know about emergencies before they happen and can most times avoid those emergencies, because we monitor our clients’ networks. You are driving in the dark without headlights if you are not in some way monitoring your network. Many of the monitoring items are simple, like: the backup failed or the space on the data drive is running low. These are items that if handled in a timely fashion avoid a future emergency. There are more complex items to monitor, but the point is simply this: you can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken – you are going to hit the huge pot hole, because you can’t see it. Monitoring gives us preemptive information for dealing with critical failures and most often alerts us to trouble before it becomes an emergency. We also use monitoring software to alert us to system failures.

Best Practices

At Syncretic, we recommend reliable and supportable hardware and software to our clients. We make sure we use the best practices recommended by industry standard vendors to setup, configure, and maintain your equipment and software. By taking this approach, Syncretic assures that we are keeping your network running smoothly. We are also increasing the odds for quick resolutions to emergencies when they do occur.

We don’t make a living selling hardware and software, our business is providing outstanding customer service and keeping your network running smoothly. We are committed to working with vendors that provide services and products that are in the best interest of our customers. The fact is, things change, vendors sometimes fall out of grace with their support practices or product quality, we’re not married to anyone. With your partnership we will deliver what’s best for you and your organization.

Network maintenance and administration is never a static procedure but always an evolving process. Just as your business may have started out with 2 guys and a truck and is now a multi regional corporation, so will your IT needs continue to evolve and change. Syncretic keeps up to date with the latest trends in technology to deliver solutions that will help you get most return on investment out of your infrastructure. Did you know, that many technology vendors are offering certified green products and systems that are energy efficient and planet friendly!

We offer our customers a variety ways to engage Syncretic as their network services/IT expert:

Syncretic Premier Services Contract – No worry, proactive support

Our customer pays a fixed monthly fee based upon the amount of equipment, locations, and personnel. Syncretic provides unlimited 24×7 helpdesk support, unlimited remote support, unlimited on-site support, and minor project services. Also included in the Premier Services Contract is server and equipment monitoring and issue response, scheduled monthly maintenance, even emergency rebuilds and recovery of servers and workstations!

Syncretic Monitoring – Proactive Support with pay as you go services

Our customers pay a monthly monitoring fee based on the number of servers. We monitor the servers 24×7 and respond to immediate issues and server notifications. Syncretic provides unlimited 24×7 helpdesk support, remote support, on-site support, and minor project services on a time and expense basis. We perform scheduled monthly maintenance on the equipment on a time and expense basis.

Demand Response – No monthly fees, pay as you go.

Our customers only pay when they need us. We respond to requests and emergencies. We charge a slightly higher rate for customers without a monthly contract. We also only recommend this for customers with internal IT support.

And by the way:

This is the “flying by the seat of your pants” philosophy for those of you without internal IT staff – and by IT staff, we’re not talking about the guy’s brother’s friend who knows a little something about computers.

If you don’t have a knowledgeable, dependable, IT resource that is experienced in running and supporting a business – then you should get one. Letting your IT infrastructure, equipment, and data “fly by the seat of their pants” is a decision that will end up costing you a lot more money in the long run.

Plan Comparison Chart

Services Premier Plan Monitoring Plan Demand Response
Contract monthly monthly
Monitoring yes yes
Monthly Maintenance yes yes1
24/7 Help Desk yes yes1 yes1
Remote Support yes yes1 yes1
On-Site Support yes yes1 yes1
Emergency Response 24×7 24×71 5×101
Project Services yes yes1 yes1
1Services billed hourly

When partnering with Syncretic, you secure an entire team that has your best interests at hand. Syncretic brings together IT industry veterans with a passion for client success. Our network engineers bring technical expertise, business know-how and effective knowledge transfer.

Our team’s experience and training allows us to be proficient at proactive support, problem solving, emergency response, and delivering projects on time and within budget.

At Syncretic we understand the difference between selling what we do and delivering what we do. We are an experienced, reliable, and committed partner and we have the track record to prove it. Syncretic has a team of trained professionals that can serve your company in a variety of different ways.

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