Retriever Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Retriever IT Backup and Redundancy

Affordable backup and redundancy for small and medium businesses.

Instant Recovery

Retriever BDR

Backup is only half the job; getting back to work is the whole job. And nothing gets you back to work faster than Retriever.

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Are you able to virtualize locally and offsite at any time in an efficient and time sensitive manner? You can with Retriever.

Retriever Backup and Disaster Recovery

Retriever: In-Depth Look

Retriever BDR ensures your vital information is always safe and secure, making the once painful chore of on and off-site data backup easy and reliable.

Retriever BDR vs. Traditional Backup

Retriever Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is much more than a traditional backup solution. Retriever is Intelligent Business Continuity. Retriever provides companies with an advanced insurance policy against data loss and costly downtime by utilizing a revolutionary technology that dramatically simplifies the backup and recovery process. By employing proprietary Inverse Chain Technology™, Retriever eliminates the inherent inefficiency of the traditional backup chain. Retriever takes data directly from the server and converts it into virtual machine readable files that can be booted instantly from a web interface or by using any common hypervisor. This innovative way of storing data allows for instant on-site and off-site recovery and can prevent businesses from having to experience downtime in the event of a disaster, offering the peace of mind that backups will be available at a moment’s notice.

Retriever BDR Traditional Backup
yes Recovery is reduced to hours, minutes, or even seconds no Recovery can take days following a disaster
yes Fully automated backup process no High risk for human error
yes Screenshot backup verification; easy to test backup no Difficult to test if backup is working properly
yes Each backup is saved in local appliance and bi-coastal data centers no Expensive and timely to make multiple backups
yes Backup speeds are fast; Critical data can be prioritized no Backup speeds are slower
yes Incremental backups can be instantly virtualized, rather than the entire backup chain no Physical to virtual conversions can be time consuming and have a high failure rate
yes Automatic redundant backup, allowing your business to run off the secure cloud in event of a disaster no No redundant backups in multiple locations
yes AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption ensures data is safe and meets industry regulations (ie.HIPAA, SOX) no Limited options for encrypting data, may not pass industry regulations (i.e., HIPAA, SOX)
yes Minimal risk of corrupted backups or data loss no When recovering data, tape failure rate exceeds 50%
yes Off-site backups stored in SSAE 16 data centers no Potential for theft

Your Two Best Friends: Dogs and Backups

Get disaster recovery for your business. Get Retriever™. Starting from $259 monthly for 250 GB on-site / 500 GB off-site.