Disaster Recovery (Doesn’t Have To Be A Disaster)

A few weeks ago, we witnessed an excellent demonstration of Syncretic’s Retriever™ Backup Disaster Recovery Service in the hands of our experienced networking team. During the weekend of January 13, a storm caused a power surge and outage for one of our long-standing clients, located in Connecticut. Although the power was soon restored, the surge damaged one of their company servers, preventing company employees from accessing their accounts and data. Luckily, they were employing Syncretic’s Retriever™ Service, which uses state of the art backup and disaster recovery (BDR) tools to continually back up our clients’ servers.

On that Monday morning, our networking team immediately noticed that our client’s server was offline, thanks to server monitoring software. We contacted the company, and established that it was their domain controller server which had failed and that it was unable to start due to hardware damage. However, rather than consume valuable time and money traveling to the client’s site in order to analyze the hardware failure, all while they were unable to access their company network, we instead used our most recent server backup to create a virtualized copy of the downed server. This virtual machine performed the same role as the offline server, and restored the company’s access to its employee accounts and product data, all within a few hours of the failure. With our service, we had ensured that the virtual machine was stable and completely fulfilling the role of the missing server.

The broken physical server was then shipped to our team, which located and fixed the damage –  corrupted data in the RAID hard drive controller. Within a week of the damage, our engineers had fixed the physical server, and it was on its way back to our client, who reinstalled it. We then transferred the virtual copy back to the physical server, and the client’s system was entirely back to normal.

Without Retriever™, our client might have had to wait days for their server functionality to be restored, damaging their business and productivity. But with Syncretic’s help, they lost very little time at all.

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