From Reactive to Proactive: How GFI MAX RemoteManagement Helps One MSP

Launched in 1997 as an IT services provider, Syncretic Software has successfully changed — and grown — with the times. “We went from being a reactive network services company to a proactive MSP,” says co-founder and President Seth Rosenberg. “The GFI line of products has helped us do that.”

Rosenberg is referring to products from GFI Software, a provider of IT solutions specifically designed to enable MSPs to grow their business. Syncretic’s first experience with GFI was in 2005 when it began to use GFI MailEssentials, a spam filtering tool which at that time was server-based. As Syncretic grew and GFI released new products, “we adopted those products where it fit our needs as a managed services provider,” recalls Rosenberg.

When GFI introduced GFI MAX RemoteManagement™, a cloud-based RMM platform, Syncretic moved from the on-premise model to providing hosted services. Today, Syncretic uses the tool to provide clients with integrated managed services included automated monitoring, remote support, antivirus and email security. As a result, says Rosenberg, Syncretic has increased employee productivity, solidified its relationship with existing customers and grown its network services business.

Currently Syncretic manages the networks of 70 clients located throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Those clients have a total of 120 servers and 700 workstations; Syncretic’s 14 employees are able to keep tabs on all those systems via a single GFI MAX dashboard. “Our engineering staff has used the tool for a number of years now and it helps with their productivity,” says Rosenberg. “They are able to be responsive to our customers by monitoring machines, finding problems and fixing any issues remotely 24 X 7.” In many cases, Syncretic engineers proactively address issues even before clients call, a practice that impresses current clients. The capabilities of the GFI MAX platform also impress prospective customers. Syncretic sales reps show the tool during sales calls, and Rosenberg says this is a big reason why the company’s network services business has grown 15 percent to 20 percent annually. “By improving our tools and refining our processes, we’ve become a better managed services provider,” says Rosenberg. “We’ve also been able to take on more clients with the same amount of staff.”

While the products from GFI are very good, Rosenberg says that the technology itself is only part of the reason for Syncretic’s successful partnership with GFI. As a long-term partner, Rosenberg credits much of Syncretic’s success with the good working relationship he has established with GFI’s employees, many of whom he has known for years. “Every month I participate in a call with GFI and I’m often talking with the people working on the GFI MAX product,” Rosenberg says. Unlike with some vendors, Rosenberg appreciates both the quality of GFI’s products as well as the reliability of its service and support. “You can have a great product, but if the service is terrible you can’t get any issues resolved,” he explains. “With GFI MAX, they have very good products and very good service behind them.”

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