Retriever Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Retriever IT Backup and Redundancy

Affordable backup and redundancy for small and medium businesses.

Server Disaster

Are You At Risk?

In case of disaster, are you able to virtualize locally and offsite at any time in an efficient and time sensitive manner? You can with Retriever.

Server Backup and Recovery

Retriever vs. Traditional Backup

Retriever Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is much more than a traditional backup solution. Retriever is Intelligent Business Continuity.

Retriever Backup and Disaster Recovery

Retriever: In-Depth Look

Retriever BDR ensures your vital information is always safe and secure, making the once painful chore of on and off-site data backup easy and reliable.

Retriever Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Are You At Risk?

A disaster can strike any business at any time. The consequences of a disaster on an unprotected or underprotected company can mean unwanted expense, lost revenue, and a loss of business. Even if you can preserve the data it’s important to recover systems quickly to avoid downtime. Clearly the solution requires more than just backup.

Disaster Recovery - When Time Matters

Intelligent Business Continuity

Retriever is Intelligent Business Continuity. Retriever is a loyal, obedient partner with a sterling pedigree, and the lifeline your company’s been looking for.

When your company is hit with catastrophic data loss, unleash Retriever. You’ll be back and fully operational quickly, without spending thousands of unbudgeted dollars and lost days wondering when your data will be restored. No more lost productivity. No more lost business.

Backup is only half the job; getting back to work is the whole job. And nothing gets you back to work faster than Retriever.

More Than Just A Backup

Hardware failure on your server? Disk drive crash? Accidentally deleted a presentation? File corrupted? These are the kinds of day-to-day data loss issues that businesses encounter. Retriever has you covered with on-site and off-site backups, fast file recovery, and on-site virtualization. With Retriever, your business is prepared both for data loss scenarios ranging from the minor – a missing file – to the major – a fire or flood and loss of your facility.

How Retriever Works

With Retriever BDR, your data are backed up locally and remotely, constantly monitored and securely encrypted. In the event of failure, Retriever immediately virtualizes your servers – files, OS, everything – enabling your business to get back to work faster after a catastrophic data loss, usually in about an hour.

When your servers go down, Retriever allows your staff to continue working in a virtual infrastructure. Downtime and work interruptions are greatly minimized.

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Serving the Delaware Small and Medium Business Communities

Our highly-trained engineers are based in Wilmington, Delaware, ideally situated to serve small and medium businesses in Delaware and the surrounding region.

The Ultimate Backup Solution Has a Cold Nose

Get disaster recovery for your business. Get Retriever™. Starting from $259 monthly for 250 GB on-site / 500 GB off-site.