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Web Design

Syncretic has the capabilities to design front end and database driven interfaces and applications using a variety of programming and user interfaces and interactive solutions. We will help determine what type of site you need, create a prototype for your approval and insure that your web site will grow with your business.


Syncretic has the capabilities to design front end and database driven interfaces andapplications using a variety of programming and user interfaces and interactive solutions. Through an initial consultation, we will help determine what type of site you need, create a prototype for your approval and insure that your web site will grow with your business.

Content Management

Being able to update your own website easily and efficiently is a wonderful thing. At Syncretic we offer great solutions for content management, allowing you to update your website at your own convenience.


More and more businesses are requesting Content Management Systems (CMS) and simple user updatable interfaces to keep their web sites updated, track orders, or build a client database. Syncretic will build, implement and integrate the right solution for you, whether it be an out-of-the-box solution or a customized application.

Web Maintenance

Keeping your web site current is important and a necessary part of keeping your site search engine friendly. Syncretic offers maintenance contracts or updates at an hourly rate on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs.

Search Engine Optimization

New Websites and SEO

At Syncretic, we believe that SEO is a part of the build process. It’s not something that you should have to pay extra for when you design a website with us. We use the “Google Friendly Sites Guidelines” when building your site.

Existing Websites and SEO

We specialize in Natural SEO (aka Organic SEO) – a cost effective and specialized technique that can get your site ranked prominently in the search engines without the use of additional pay per click services. The process involves appealing to the search engines guidelines through the proper use of keywords, site structure, content, link building. All of these combined actions will help to increase your websites popularity and relevance and thus you will achieve higher rankings in the natural results of the major search engines.

Our Process

We tailor our process to each clients needs. However, there is a basic process that we follow and is highlighted here:

Perform Search Engine Before Analysis Report. Report will include the following:

  • Search Engine Rankings Report: Based on 5 suggested keywords supplied by the client. Report shows the rank of the website by keywords.
  • Overall Keyword Conversion Report: Report shows what types of keywords are being used in search engines to locate website.
  • Source Conversion Report: Shows how many inbound clicks received through different search engines and sources.
  • Sitemap Breakdown: Shows the spidering results of the website.
  • Meta Tags Analysis Report: Analysis on the value of your metatags to search engines and your content.

Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Meta Tags: Replacing old meta tags with newly reformatted tags that will be search engine friendly.
  • Title Tags: Changing title tags to match that of the page
  • Alt Tags: Add alt tags with descriptions for images
  • Heading Tags: Implement heading tags for headers
  • Match Text to Tags: Modify tags to match page text for search engine compatibility
  • Navigation: Repeating the site navigation at the bottom of the website in footer format.
  • Javascripts and Stylesheets: Make sure all necessary scripts are external (does not apply to some scripts)
  • Remove Redundant tags: The removal of all redundant unnecessary tags to minimize the amount of code in the website.
  • Sitemap: Add or modify existing sitemap and submit to search engines

Perform one time site search engine submission:

Client to receive a Search Engine Submission Report with success / failure status and estimated index times.

Perform Search Engine After Analysis Report:

To be completed 3 months after site submission. Report will include the same reports as the “Before Analysis Report.”

We do not perform “Black Hat SEO” practices that may get your site banned from search engines.

Custom Web Applications

Syncretic has consulted with and supported many different types of industries and businesses. Our team of professionals has designed, implemented, and supported many software solutions from small business financial reporting applications to large distributed enterprise level business solutions.

Our software and business consulting service projects have required us to completely engineer business processes and develop software solutions to meet demanding business needs. We employ engineers with training in various platforms and systems who understand business needs to help realize a solution for your company.

Website Security

Is your website secure? How easily can it be hacked?

If you are conducting business online, your web site is bound to have a wide range of web applications in the form of shopping carts, submission forms, login pages, dynamic content, and other applications. These web applications are designed to allow your website visitors to retrieve and submit dynamic content including varying levels of personal and sensitive data which is stored in databases.

Since your website has to be accessible day and night from anywhere in the world, insecure web applications provide an open door for hacking attacks on your backend database. If a hacker gains access to your customers’ personal and credit card data and then sells it for a profit or simply exposes it to the world, your business can be in serious danger.

Let Syncretic help you take the necessary steps to secure your clients’ data.

The Internet and interactive media can dramatically change your company’s capabilities and core business functions as well as drive business decisions and strategic relationships. Whether you’re looking to have a new web site designed or make your present one more effective, you can trust Syncretic to help you harness the power of the Internet.

Syncretic provides web design and development solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. We’ll analyze your needs to determine the right solution for you. Our web professionals offer site design, advanced scripting, content management, database development, e-mail marketing, forms, animations, and forums.

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