Management Team

Seth RosenbergPresident – Seth Rosenberg
Seth Rosenberg is President of Syncretic. Seth and his business partner, Tim Brennan, founded Syncretic in 1997. Seth studied software development at West Chester University and worked as a software developer and project manager from 1985 to 1998. Seth has been an active Rotarian since 2002 and served as President of the Rotary Club of Broomall from 2007-2008. He now serves as a Past President, a Board member, and is on the Scholarship Committee.


Tim BrennanVice President – Tim Brennan
A fourteen year veteran in the IT industry, Timothy Brennan cofounded Syncretic Software. Tim has successfully led the effort to deliver unique, state-of-the-art technology solutions that meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Previously, Tim was a Senior Systems Analyst with Economic Systems, delivering custom analytical applications and building commercial off the shelf products for the public and private sector. Tim was the lead technical resource in implementing Economic Systems’ “Federal Retirement Benefits” software that is used by government agencies and employees to compute retirement annuities.

Tim started his career at Cone Software where he quickly progressed to Senior Consultant while implementing robust technology solutions for business units of such companies as Air Products and Chemicals and Conrail.

Tim’s experience and knowledge extend to a wide array of paradigms and technologies including: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, object oriented design, relational database design, n-tier client server design, and parallel computing.


Jeff ForvilleProject Manager – Jeff Forville
A 22-year veteran in the IT industry, Jeff Forville joined the Syncretic team in January 2001. Through his tenure at Syncretic, Jeff has successfully taken over several existing projects and relationships, contributed design and planning models for numerous large-scale custom application development projects, and led multiple development teams to deliver these state-of-the-art technology solutions that met or exceeded client expectations.

Jeff’s history with shared-ride programs and The “Q” software dates back to the mid-1980’s when he was working for a shared-ride provider that began developing software to computerize trip scheduling and the creation of drivers’ manifests. Jeff has remained involved in the public transit industry and is well-versed in PENNDOT’s and MATP’s regulations and reporting requirements. He has continually enhanced The “Q” to maintain compliance with these reporting and operational requirements, and has added components to integrate the software with other technological advancements. He has a strong working relationship with The “Q” User Group.

Outside of Jeff’s experience with The “Q”, Jeff was an IT Division Manager for a shared-ride sub-contractor, delivering computer-aided dispatch, billing, reporting, and mobile software to public and private sector transportation companies throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Jeff was responsible for management of development, training and support resources, in addition to the daily operational and business dynamics of his division.

Jeff’s business experience and project knowledge extend to a wide array of industries and technologies including: Microsoft Windows v2.1 – 2000, SQL Server, Oracle, Btrieve, Novell and Microsoft Networking, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Access. Jeff’s various technology management roles contribute to his ability to identify the business requirements, scope of work and approach to any particular client solution.


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