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Databases – MS SQL Server and Oracle Databases

There are numerous ways to store data, yet none are as fast and efficient at data retrieval as databases. Databases organize data in an a logical manner. Utilizing databases in your network structure provides agility to your data management and analysis, allowing your organization to adapt quickly to derive competitive advantage in a fast-changing environment.

Microsoft Technologies – MS Visual Studio.NET and MS Office

Microsoft technologies are the standard in mainstream corporate environments. Our developers are highly trained and skilled in these technologies and hold multiple Microsoft certifications including MCSE, MCPS, MCSD, MCDBA and MCNPS.

Borland Technologies – Delphi and C++ Builder

Borland is the leading vendor of Open Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, providing the flexibility to manage, measure and improve the software delivery process.

Process-driven integration – the ability for tools to work together and to share digital assets in a way that best supports a customer’s specific software delivery process – is at the heart of Borland’s product strategy. Utilizing this type of technology affords us the opportunity to deliver flexible and dynamic solutions.

Web Technologies– Java/J2E, HTML/JavaScript/XML, ASP/.NET/PHP

From Java to Perl to PHP to ASP to ASP.NET – there are myriad solutions to navigate the dynamic landscape of today’s Web. Our developers are have helped many clients, big and small, with data-driven Web applications for such functions as logistics, management, tracking, scheduling, reporting – and much more.

Client Solutions

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Web Application Development

Syncretic has developed a Web based system to allow a credit card company to brand credit cards for other organizations. The web solution allows these partners to access their credit card portfolio online and provide input on collateral, such as credit card design. In addition, Syncretic also developed the home page with dynamically driven content for data such as press releases, job opportunities, and card programs. The web application was developed using Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

Stock Market Trading System

Syncretic has built trading systems for both private and public firms that trade stock indexes on the New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco stock exchanges. The system is used on workstations and on wireless pen-based computers at the exchanges and private offices.

The system is able to execute trades in a traditional manual mode as well as programmatically execute trades based on predetermined market conditions . The system is a three-tier Client/Server system built with Borland’s Delphi and Microsoft’s SQL Server.


Real Estate Planning and Mangement System

Syncretic built a real estate planning and management system for a state in the southeastern US. The system was developed to centralize the management of the state’s real estate holdings and evaluate the space requirements of various agencies of the government.

The state could also run various scenarios of purchases versus leases to meet personnel needs statewide. A variety of reports were developed for both internal and public auditing of the statewide real estate holdings and governmental agency requirements. The system was developed using Borland’s Delphi, SAP Business Objects’ Crystal Reports, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Mortgage Tracking System

Syncretic developed a mortgage origination and closing tracking system for a leading mortgage brokerage firm. The system allows the company to track loan officer sales goals and fulfillment, penetration and closings by realtor, real estate office and real estate company.

The system also creates reports dynamically replacing the previous error prone and time consuming manual entry and creation of reports. A myriad of reports are dynamically generated allowing the firm to sort and filter data as necessary. The system was created using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.


Metal Refining and Tracking System

Syncretic developed a precious metal refining and tracking system for a worldwide leader in the precious metal refining industry. This system allows the firm to track materials sent in from client’s across the country, through an internal inventory and assay system, out to third party refiners and resulting assay and finally the bank.

The system was developed in order to automate the existing manual process into a more automated approach. The system was developed using Microsoft C#.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.


Wireless Communication Middleware Service

Syncretic developed a Wireless Data Radio Communication System that is designed to provide reliable real-time wireless data communications.

This system was designed with a software development kit (SDK) to allow third-party applications to be developed to communicate seamlessly over a wireless communications medium without needing to understand wireless communications. The service was developed using Microsoft C++ and Broadbeam’s ExpressQ platform.

wireless comm system

Web Based Package Delivery Tracking System

Syncretic built and now hosts a web-based tracking system used at a Fortune 100 industrial/service company in Delaware to track packages within their facilities. The system allows entry of package, location, and carrier information as well as load and delivery times. The system also utilizes a wide-area network Palm OS device to capture delivery information and communicate that information to the web for real-time reporting.

Automated Scheduling and Shift Fulfillment System

Syncretic partnered with Frontline to help them convert their existing Automated Scheduling and Shift Fulfillment System to a version that would work in the United Kingdom. The system was standardized on a United States T1 data line, this was converted to an European E1 data line. Various US constructs we converted to UK constructs as well.

Syncretic also aided in porting the system to an Australian/New Zealand version. Syncretic was also contracted to convert the existing analog phone system into a VOIP solution. The conversions were done using ASP technology, Borland’s Delphi, and Aculab’s VOIP technology.

Federal Benefits Retirement System

Syncretic designed and developed several retirement benefit software packages for an economic consulting firm to be sold as products to government agencies. At the heart of these software packages is a retirement calculation engine that captures complex retirement rules and regulations for federal employees under the Civilian Service Retirement System and Federal Employee Retirement System.

This retirement calculation engine has been integrated into several software packages that provide easy to use interfaces, estimates of benefits, including retirement annuity, disability benefits, death-in-service benefits, TSP benefits, life insurance benefits, and health insurance benefits. It is also capable of modeling the Civilian Service Retirement System -to- Federal Employee Retirement System transfer decision as well as employee elections authorized by the Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Correction Act. There is a Windows based software package built using Borland’s Delphi and Paradox database and a web-based package built using Borland’s Delphi, Java based and Microsoft centric tools including JSP, Servlets, J2EE, Oracle database and Tomcat application servers.

Contact and Case Management System

Syncretic has developed a Contact and Case Management System for internal use as well as for use by some of our existing customer base to facilitate joint development and issue tracking. Currently developed features include organization and contact management, project management, case management. Features currently in development are timesheet and billing support. The system was developed with Borland’s Delphi, and Microsoft SQL Server using XML technologies.

Clients and Industries

Since our founding in 1997, we have represented a wide range of clients covering a broad range of industries. Many of our clients come as a direct result of referrals – existing clients recommending our services to their peers.

  • Airline Industry
  • Rail Transport Industry
  • Federal and State Governments
  • Metal Refining Industry
  • Mortgage Industry
  • Educational Institutions

Syncretic has consulted with and supported many different types of industries and businesses.

Our team of professionals has designed, implemented, and supported many software solutions from small business financial reporting applications to large distributed enterprise level business solutions.

Our software and business consulting service projects have required us to completely engineer business processes and develop software solutions to meet demanding business needs. We employ engineers with training in various platforms and systems who understand business needs to help realize a solution for your company.

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