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  • Flexibility
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  • Put your staff in the driver seat of operations
  • Increase productivity and overall system efficiency
  • Prepare MATP Quarterly Reports, Batch Eligibility Files, and Monthly Trip Uploads
  • Manage all MATP Modes – Para-transit, Mileage Reimbursement, Bus Tickets, Urgent Care
  • Complete PwD Registrant Info
  • Sample Week Statistical Reporting
  • Prepare all required Penn DOT, MATP and other state required reporting.

Product Flexibility

  • Supports Multiple Fare Structures; zone, tiered mileage, flat mileage and premium.
  • GIS capable for calculating mileage based fares and determining if locations are within 3/4 mile of the ADA corridor
  • Flexibility in sponsor reimbursement setup including 3rd party, time-based client fares,
    fixed and percentage dollar amounts, and percentage override by trip purpose.
  • Flexibility in provider reimbursement; flat rate, tiered-mileage, percentage of fare and flat rate per trip.
  • Supports multiple locations including remote users. For providers, limit their access to trip
    scheduling and “view only” trip tickets.
  • Value added Integrated Systems – Microsoft MapPoint, M/A-COM Radio Frequency, PA PROMISE Claim Transactions,
    Import/Export Data to MATP, Area Agency on Aging and other Third Parties.

System Transition and Implementation

  • Once awarded the contract, Syncretic will assign a dedicated Project Manager to work closely with
    the customer to ensure an organized, successful transition to using The “Q”.
  • Typically, the Project Manager will make three on-site visits to the customer’s site to
    assess the operations, develop an implementation plan, and perform staff training.
  • The Project Manager will be onsite during the first few days after “Go Live” to ensure
    that operations are running smoothly and that staff are confident in using the software.

Management Consulting

Due to the extensive public transit and non-profit experience of Syncretic’s team,
we have assisted our customers with projects outside of software and The “Q”.
Here are a few examples of projects that Syncretic has completed for our customers:

  • New Hire Management Training – covering both operational and administrative aspects of public transit management.
  • Financial Manual Development – developed new financial procedures including training operational and fiscal staff.
  • Evaluations of Agency Protocols – researched and provided alternative means of meeting agency goals while reducing staff
    time and increasing quality of work. Including evaluating the financial impact of changing from a zone-fare structure
    to a mileage-based fare structure.

User Group

The “Q” User Group acts as the “Board of Directors” for the product. During our annual user conference, all
users have a voice concerning the direction of the software and work together to decide what new features will be included
in future releases of the product.

Counties Currently Utilizing The “Q” Ride Share Software



The “Q” is the perfect component for our service. Syncretic as a whole, exceeds our expectations as a software provider. The product is very user-friendly, the support team is exceptional!

Natalie S. Dolquist, Transportation Operations Coordinator
ACTS, Inc.

While I feel The “Q” is an excellent system, the people behind the product make it really shine. Jeff Forville, Vanessa Cousins, Seth Rosenberg and the rest of the staff at Syncretic Software, Inc., along with the staff from the various transportation providers, form a very unique support network.

William A. Jones, Transit ManagerCapital Area Transit

The “Q” program has allowed a small staff such as ourselves to be able to accurately schedule, deliver, and process shared ride trip requests on a daily basis. Once the process is complete for an entire month, the “Q” quickly and accurately builds all necessary reports for submission to the State for reimbursement. We must have accurate reports to ensure timely payments from the State and the “Q” program has delivered this to us.

Timothy C. Geibel, Executive Director
Crawford Area Transportation Authority

Syncretic Software has been instrumental in helping us with our Mobile Data Computer (MDC) project. Jeff and Syncretic had several meetings with the radio vendors, our county informational management staff and state officials to ensure the project was operational. Today, we have between 15-18 daily runs using the new technology. Without Jeff and his extensive knowledge of the Q, we would not have these capabilities.

Rose Cook, Director
Cumberland County Transportation Department

The staff at Syncretic have worked in the transit environment and when we ask for a new report, they have the background to understand what is being requested and will offer suggestions in developing that report so it will truly meet the identified need.

Cynthia Ann Zerbe, USTA Administrator
Union/Snyder Transportation Alliance

We have continued to be pleased with Syncretic’s customer service and support. We have had to request numerous additional reports and information that was not anticipated at the time our proposal was written. Both Jeff and Vanessa have been quick to respond and provide us with the information and reports we needed.

Sheila J. Gombita, Executive Director
Washington County Transportation Authority


The support offered by Syncretic Software’s staff is what really sets
The “Q” apart from similar products. Since The “Q” is sold strictly within Pennsylvania
with no plans to do otherwise, Syncretic has the ability to work very closely with
their customers and understand each county’s unique operational needs.
Additionally, the two full-time support staff members that are dedicated to The
“Q” both have extensive experience in Para-transit management.

All “Q” Customers pay a monthly support fee depending on the number of users;
$700 for single-users and $900 for multiple users. The following items are
included as part of Syncretic’s monthly support fee as compared to other
software vendors that charge up to an additional $150 per hour.

Support Services Syncretic Other Shared- Ride Software Vendors
Help Desk yes yes
Break / Fix yes yes
Enhancements yes yes
Enhancements specific to PA yes
Influence over product direction yes
Development yes

Developed by and strictly used by Pennsylvania Shared-Ride Agencies,
The “Q” is a comprehensive shared-ride management software.

  • Manage your customers, trip records, prepare driver manifests, reconcile
    trip data, and prepare monthly reporting and invoicing all from The Q.
  • Generate Penn DOT, MATP, Agency Invoices, and Provider Payments directly
    from the reporting interface.
  • Flexibility in sponsor,
    provider, and fare structure setups to ensure accurate fare calculations
    and reporting; Zone fares, tiered mileage and flat mileage fare structures
    as well as multiple methods to setup provider reimbursements.
  • Our staff have real-world public transit experience that is crucial in
    understanding your operations and tailoring the software to meet your unique needs.

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